Over time we are going to share stories about the beautiful girl that inspired so much love in the world. These stories will come from Family and Friends, so basically anyone who knew her. Carmen knew no strangers which is a rarity these days. She had a love of all things that was unparalleled.

By sharing these stories, we hope that people will come know Carmen better. Personally I love hearing other people’s stories about our daughter. It is incredible to hear and understand the way in which she touched other people’s lives.

If you have a story you wish to share about Carmen, please reach out to us. We would love to post those stories here on this website. You can send us an email at carmensangelfund@gmail.com or you can contact Melissa or myself directly. Most of you know how to get a hold of us.

My goal is to post 1 or 2 stories each week. I hope that you find this a fitting tribute. It is just another way to give back the love she gave us.

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