This is one of the two stories I wrote and posted on the story board that my family created when we had a family dinner to celebrate Carmen’s life on Friday, March 1, 2019. There is a lot more to this story than would fit on the 5 x 7 index card. One day I will expand on this, but for right now I wanted to share what I wrote.

Carmen has a better and more natural musical talent than I do. After hearing a song on the iPad or TV a couple of times, she could start to pick out the melody on the keyboard. During Christmas 2018 we were watching The Charlie Brown Christmas special for the 100th time. I was playing the Peanuts theme for her. She stopped me, grabbed my wrist and moved my hand over different notes. It turned out to be the exact key of the theme that was playing on the TV. She has such an amazing talent.

Daddy’s story of Carmen as posted on the story board.

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