A while ago I shared one of the two stories I wrote for Carmen’s Memory Board. Here is the second one:

Some kids runaway from mascots because they are afraid of them. Not Carmen. Every time we would go to the Stockton Ports game, or any other game for that fact, she would run to the mascot, especially Splash. Splash was one of here best friends. They had a routine they would do and anyone who saw the pure joy and love on Carmen’s face at that time, couldn’t help but smile. Carmen loves her Splashie-Fur-Face.

Looking back, I believe that Splash truly loved Carmen as well. I know that the person playing Splash was consistent for a few years. As Carmen’s Dad I knew when the person in the mascot costume was the “usual” person. The interactions between the two were in sync. They both knew what to do.

I will be forever grateful to Splash for his relationship with Carmen; especially that one person who really developed that bond with her. Because no matter how Carmen was doing that day, whenever she got to see her Splash guy her face lit up and she was excited.

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