Typically this is the time of year when the Hydrocephalus Association’s primary fundraising event, the Walk to End Hydrocephalus, is in full swing. The Walk is hosted in dozens of cities across the country in the Summer and the Fall. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic eliminating larger gatherings and keeping people at home, many of the Walks will not occur. At least not in person. In spite of COVID-19 the Hydrocephalus Association is going to virtually put on one of it’s largest fund raising events. On September 26, 2020 there will be virtual Walks happening in 36 cities throughout the USA.

What is a virtual walk? A virtual walk is a walk that takes the place of a large gathering. Participants can walk, run, ride a bike, roller skate in their neighborhood, a nearby park or around town on their own terms. As an alternative participants can do nothing, it’s your virtual walk you can do whatever you want. Any donations made to the various Walks will still benefit the Hydrocephalus Association with the money going directly to fund their research to find a cure.

This year Carmen’s Angel Fund will sponsor a team in 2 cities that are hosting a virtual walk. Those cities will be Sacramento, CA and Decatur, IL. Friends and Family are encouraged to join Carmen’s Angel Fund as a virtual participant in one of these Walks.

So you might be wondering, why two cities? Sacramento is our primary Walk as it is the closest Walk to our home. We are hoping to get some local businesses involved with this Walk. We also wanted to support the Walk in Decatur because one of our new friends, Paula McMahon is co-hosting the event. Her son, Lucky, has Hydrocephalus and he reminds me a lot of Carmen. He doesn’t know any different and goes about his business and loving life!

Carmen’s Angel Fund is in the process of developing a different approach to fund raising for the Walks this year. More details will be available over the next 2 weeks. Our hope is that we can double the amount of funds we raised in 2019. Last year we raised raised $1,875 for the Hydrocephalus Association.

Our Team WALK Pages



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